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This is in no way a complete list of services that we have to offer. If you have any questions about the services listed below or about anything you do not see here, please do not hesitate to email us and ask. Our goal is to bring the potential of the internet to you and your business.

Custom Website
We create your web site without using "cookie cutter" forms giving us the ability to truely design your web site any way you want it.

E-Mail Account
Your site will come with an E-Mail address chosen by you.

The internet is a visual medium. Graphics will help your site direct attention to the information you provide the viewer. We will happily scan any photo, drawing, or company logo for use on your website.

Most Popular Search Engines
Your site will be included in today's most popular search engines including Yahoo, Excite, Web Crawler, Ask, Lycos, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, and many others.

Listing In Local Directories
Nearly every city in the US has an online community. Here you can find information about hometown happenings, current events, and local businesses and services. Having your web site listed here will provide more local exposure for your business.

No Viewing Limitations
The race to create the newest web tricks and hottest graphics has left some browsers behind. Many of your customers will be using those browsers or may not have a fast connection speed. For that reason we stay clear of using those kinds of features on your site unless specifically requested.

Fast Design Time
We strive to deliver fast service. In most cases, we can have your site up and running the next day.

Hosting Services
We provide a place to host your new web site on our server. Many of our plans offer discounts and free hosting!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
It is as simple as that. We would never ask you to pay for something you are not happy with. If you do not like it, we will make it right or you do not pay.

Your Own Domain Name
You can have your own .com for less than you might think! Certain organizations may be eligable for .net, .org, .edu, or .gov. Ask for details.

Digital Photos
We can come to you and photograph your products, business, etc. for display on your web site.

High Resolution Graphics
In the age of broadband technology we are able to send large files through the internet. Our graphic design team is ready to amaze you.

Banner Ads
A banner advertisement is a good way to get your name, product, or service to an audience you could otherwise not reach. You use a tiny amount of your web page to display ads from other companies who will in turn display your ad on theirs.

Guestbooks and message boards are a good way to display positive feedback and testimonials from your customers.

Password Protection
Your site can be set up so that you control who can access certain parts, or if you wish, all of your web site.

Traffic Counters
Knowing how many people have seen your site is a good indication of how effective advertising on the internet is. We provide traffic reports as often as you would like them.

E-Mail Autoresponse
When you are sent e-mail you can choose to send an automated reply saying anything you want. This is useful for sending out information on demand.

Streaming Audio or Video
Video and sound can greatly increase the experience a user has while using your website. This is a great way to show your product or service in action. Here is an example of streaming media. You need to have Real Player installed to hear it.

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